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Receptacles Technical Literature

Receptacle Body Material Selection

RST standard receptacle products are made using Black PEI (Ultem 1000). PAI (Torlon 4203) is used in some products to satisfy certain environmental or mechanical conditions. RST also offers several additional material options to meet specific customer requirements. These materials and their basic properties are listed below:

  • Ultem 1000-PEI - Black or Amber Color - Operating Temperature -55 to +170C
  • Torlon 4203-PAI - Yellow - Brown Color - Operating Temperature -55 to +260C
  • Techtron - PPS - Milky - White Color - Operating Temperature -55 to +218C  
  • G11 / FR-5 - Yellow - Green - Operating Temperature -55 to +150C
  • Other materials may be available upon request (contact the factory with specific request)

The list of materials above provides the operating temperature of the corresponding material used in our receptacles. If you wish to receive additional specification data regarding the material used for a specific receptacle part number, please consult our factory. You will receive a swift response to your request.


Receptacle Contact Specifications

Due to the considerable socket varieties and the vast feature distinctions, RST receptacle products total well over a thousand designs. Each of those designs allows for proper form, fit and function while accommodating a specific socket. Our engineering staff must consider several variables when specifying a receptacle contact for each socket. Among these variables are lead pitch, row spacing, and socket contact size and length. Among these criteria, receptacle contact selection is based upon product utility, reliability, and user friendliness. Not surprisingly we have developed quite an extensive library of receptacle contacts, and to illustrate them here would only create confusion. Therefore we have elected to make this information available upon personal request providing a specific receptacle part number. If you wish to receive additional receptacle contact specification data for a particular part number, please consult our factory. You will receive a swift response to your request.