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Custom Receptacles

While our standard line of receptacle products will work for a broad number of applications, there are occasions when a standard receptacle just won't work for your purpose. Perhaps you require longer solder tails, or need to increase the height of the socket off the board. Maybe you have a test socket with an unusual footprint, or you may even have a specific configuration in mind to accommodate your test hardware. Whatever the case RST can make a receptacle that meets those unique requirements.

We have produced hundreds of custom configurations for our customers in the past. The customization list is practically endless - with receptacles made for specialized docking plates, E-Beam chambers, 'Z' stack-ups, alignment plates, holes, windows, cutouts, multiple pattern overlays, ground sink options and multi-pin combinations. Below are photos of some custom receptacles illustrating some of the features we can build into them.  


Specialized configuration for Auto Handler with removable top plate for receptacle pin replacement

X-shaped specialized configuration for Auto Handler use specified thickness to accommodate handler hardware

Configured for multi-socket use, with two footprint Patterns drilled into one receptacle base

Custom configured with ground probes to test QFP packages with belly ground pads. Made for clamshell and open top sockets
Customized with access window to fit in tight surrounding with “pry” notch features at both ends for socket removal
Simpler configurations with bossed or groove features to accommodate space and hardware restrictions
Bone-shaped used on Auto Handler with multiple test sites utilizes removable top plate for receptacle pin access