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BGA Receptacles

The extensive use of BGA packages has produced numerous "off-the-shelf" socket offerings, which contemporarily have become much more sophisticated in design. This has resulted in a broad spectrum of socket characteristics to contend with when making the receptacle. The most critical of these are socket contact characteristics which vary a great deal between socket brands. Not only do sizes and types greatly differ, but tighter pitch spacing has shrunk the size of contacts to very fine proportions. Consequently, the receptacle contact has become a more critical component of the receptacle product.

Considering the more sophisticated characteristics, today's BGA receptacle must be precisely designed and meticulously built to accommodate the many distinct features of each socket type. These characteristics are best managed by a manufacturer having a great amount of proficiency making these products - a company like RS Tech.

RS Tech has been a driving force of receptacle products since 1987, utilizing some of the most sophisticated design software available on the market and fabricating products within our own machine facility. Since we carry one of the most extensive receptacle pin inventories in the industry, our engineering staff has all of the necessary components to build each receptacle accurately and efficiently. You can always trust an RST receptacle to do the job for you.

  • Receptacles to fit nearly every BGA thru-hole socket brand in our industry
  • Pitch spacing down to 0.8 mm
  • Drill and machine to nearly any footprint, including the Plastronic’s “diamond” pattern
  • Several material options available
  • RoHS Compliant receptacle pins optional
  • Can fabricate one receptacle to fit two or more BGA socket brands (consult factory)  
  • Surface mountable receptacles available
  • Adapt surface mount configurations to thru-hole footprint