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Value Added Program

What is a Value-Added Program?

Years ago when RS Tech began operations, our customers would often test our skills with some pretty extraordinary requests.  Essentially we would be asked to change the configuration of a test socket to accommodate a different package, or alter an interconnect device such that it would serve a completely different purpose.  After carefully studying each hardware component required for adaptation, we would remove unwanted features and then attach newly constructed features to each component. Although unusual, these requests did serve a valid purpose – to add value to existing test hardware that would otherwise be sitting on a shelf, unused.

After a few successful changeovers these projects grew in number, blending into our main stream business; and so in time we named it our “Value-Added” program. The true “value” of the program is the relative low cost and promptness by which we handle these requests.  Often much less time and material is used adapting an existing product as an alternative to making a new one. In 20 years of existence, this program has saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering and manufacturing costs, not to mention the down-time recovery.

Our Value-Added program has been used repeatedly by our long term customers, who are constantly looking for economical hardware solutions for their customers.   Since the introduction of this program, whenever receiving a new requirement, it has become common practice to “check the shelves” for any existing hardware that can be adapted to serve the purpose.  Our sales and engineering staff is constantly vigilant of the application of “value-added” services verses making new custom hardware, and we encourage our customers to use this program to their benefit.


Maximize the Value of Your Existing Test Hardware

Why Create a New Solution if You Don’t Need to?  You may already have one sitting on your stockroom shelf.

So before running off to order new custom hardware, contact RS Tech for a complimentary evaluation.  There may be a piece of existing hardware that can be adapted to fit your requirement. We can make any number of modifications to many types of hardware to operate in a different application.  The savings may be significant if we come up with a solution, and there is no cost in trying if no solution is available.

The illustrations below are just a few of the numerous modifications that can be performed. While we have performed hundreds of alterations to existing hardware, we unfortunately have not taken as many photos as we would have wished to illustrate this valuable program. However, we will be placing additional illustrations on our website as they become available.  In the meantime if you think this program may help your hardware requirements in some way, don’t hesitate to contact us to explore the possibility of any alterations that could be performed

Among our many value added products are a vast assortment of probe blocks that are added to off-the-shelf test sockets to contact the ground pads on the underbelly of IC packages.  Many newer IC packages run hot, requiring an energy bleed-off mechanism. These probe blocks are a great solution to bleed off heat while acting as a reliable ground mechanism. 

Above, the photo on the far left illustrates an open top QFP socket with our probe block installed containing four ground probes. We do these for many different socket and package configurations.

The photo on the far right shows the probe block built into a receptacle. When the test socket is plugged into the receptacle the probes slip through the center cavity of the socket. The probes are installed at the critical height required to touch the belly pad of the DUT with optimal pressure.      

The center photo depicts the probe blocks as they appear before being installed in a test socket.  This is one just one of many different configurations that we make.  

These are a just a few of the grounding mechanisms we make to create added value of off-the-shelf sockets. Feel free to contact us with any requirement.  You may be surprised what can be done.

This PGA socket was adapted to accept a PGA package with a higher pin count. Added holes were drilled in the pre-molded pattern (see L shape on fifth column &row), and additional contacts were installed to accept the DUT.  Our machine department is capable of performing precision drilling and machining to off-the-shelf socket components, permitting them to function in unanticipated situations.
This heat sink was manufactured in our factory and assembled to an off-the-shelf test socket to dissipate the heat generated from an IC package during test.  It is one of a variety of value-added solutions that are possible from RS Tech. Feel free to contact us with any request, no matter how intricate it may seem.