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Test and Hardware Fixtures

From simple circuit board stiffeners to complex test apparatus, RST supplies it all.  Our products are completely designed and manufactured in our U.S. facility using state-of-the-art modeling software and CNC equipment. Our products are made with the choicest materials available on the market. 

The illustrations below are a few of the numerous hardware products we make.  By and large they were selected for this page to demonstrate our engineering acumen and diverse manufacturing capabilities.  There seem to be no limitations on the types of products we have created in the past for our customers - the possibilities are practically endless.  So if you don’t see the product solution you are seeking, don’t hesitate to ask.  If we don’t already have one tucked away somewhere, we can cook one up in short order.   

This test fixture of 26 removable interface modules mounted in a metal frame is an integral part of a test system. The heavy duty frame mounts into a rail assembly (not shown in photo) mounted to  PCB.  The system links peripheral test hardware to test apparatus.   
Shown here is a larger view of individual module from the test fixture above.  Extended spring probe connectors were used to create the long reach and the bolstered module bodies were designed for extreme target accuracy.
This fixture was designed to perform failure analysis of an IC component while still assembled on the circuit card.  The intricate design includes probe needles installed over an articulating stage, permitting the F/A technician to properly align the die for probing each pad.  The probes are routed to a connector block which includes isolated test points for each probe. 
Shown here is a rather typical board stiffener made of aluminum. RST has the precision machine capabilities to handle a vast array of metal fixture products at competitive costs. Just contact us with your requirement.  
On a much smaller scale, we manufacture more intricate products made of aluminum, steel, and copper.  Illustrated here is a heat sink that was assembled to a socket to dissipate the heat generated from an IC package during test.  Feel free to contact us with any request, no matter how intricate it may seem. 
The fixture illustrated here was mounted in the test bed of an ESD tester and used to manipulate Grid Array packages subjected to ESD test. The fixture is made with an ESD sensitive material. The design enables the operator to remotely manipulate the DUT and reducing the possibility of environmental electrical discharge.